Elise Duryea, M.A., CCC-SLP, Sag Harbor, New York

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Home Consultation/Parent Language Training

Do you have concerns about your child’s language or are you unsure how to foster maximum speech and language development? Maybe you have so many toys in your house but you are not sure how to use them to their capacity. Elise is available for in-home or online consultation appointments. Using the resources you have in your home, she can develop a plan that will maximize language development and learning. Elise can also help you put together a collection of books, toys, and childhood necessities that are customized and specific for your child and teach you how to use them. Contact Elise for further information and fees.

Elise Duryea consulting with Parent

Speech & Language Screenings

A speech and language screening or articulation screening is a quick and effective way to determine if a child’s skills are on par with other children their age or if a more in-depth evaluation is needed. Elise can provide screenings in schools or in her office for parents who are concerned that their children may need Speech Therapy.

Speech & Language Evaluations

A speech and language evaluation or motor speech evaluation is a comprehensive way to assess a child’s skills. All evaluations include a brief meeting with parents prior to the assessment, meeting and working with the child, and a follow up meeting to review results with recommendations for services if deemed appropriate. Fees are determined based upon the nature of the assessment. Contact Elise with inquiries.

Individual or Group Therapy

Elise provides both one on one sessions or small group sessions based on the nature of the disorder and the individual needs of a child. Sessions can be provided at schools (if requested by a school district) or in her office in Sag Harbor.

Picky Eaters Program/Feeding Therapy

Is your child having difficulty chewing or swallowing? Or is your child’s food inventory so limited that there are only a few things that you can feed them which they will actually eat? Is mealtime a source of stress in your household? Picky eating in babies, toddlers and older children is more common than you might have thought- approximately 25% of typically developing children never grow out of it. Through observation, parent reports, and surveys, Elise can develop a feeding plan with strategies to help your child improve their food repertoire and eating skills, and make mealtime less stressful.